NEWS      10. 10. 2023

ITIS Holding completed the accreditation process for the provision of the European toll service in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

Prague, 10 October 2023 – ITIS Holding has advanced the accreditation processes required for the provision of the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS), thanks to which carriers can handle toll payments in multiple countries with one partner and one on-board unit. ITIS Holding has successfully completed the necessary steps in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. In Poland, the documentation is going through the acceptance phase, after which the accreditation process for EETS will start in this country as well.

ITIS Holding has made significant progress in the project of building electronic toll services in the Central European region. In providing system services for fleet card issuers and other companies that provide toll services to carriers ITIS Holding will build on years of experience in operating national toll systems in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

“The accreditation process has so far gone smoothly and on time in all markets. The experienced team of ITIS Holding team has once again demonstrated its ability to build robust and complex toll collection systems. We are now ready for the integration of the first fleet card issuers and for further expansion of the countries covered, including west of the Czech border,” said Matej Okáli, CEO of ITIS Holding.

As part of its solution, ITIS Holding will not only offer a reliable and user-friendly solution for everything related to toll collection. It will also offer other value-added services for carriers, such as real-time vehicle geolocation or advanced fleet management.

“Accreditation for EETS is time-consuming, technologically and sometimes financially demanding in each country. For the future, however, it is crucial to keep the system up-to-date, in several countries at once. We believe that the use of one reliable system from ITIS Holding will be more efficient and fundamentally simpler for fleet card issuers and other interested parties than developing and maintaining their own solution,” added Matej Okáli.

The Central European region did not choose ITIS Holding to launch the EETS system by chance. The fragmented territory with markets that are orders of magnitude smaller than those offered by the large countries of Western Europe leads to the fact that some EETS providers are not interested in entering the markets of Central Europe at all. The requirements for the process of accreditation, maintenance and development of the system are the same as in large markets. Thanks to ITIS Holding’s solution, card issuers can also offer their toll services in these, otherwise less attractive, markets.

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