NEWS      10. 07. 2024


Bratislava, 10 July 2024–SkyToll, one of the global leaders in GNSS-based toll systems, has established a subsidiary in India and successfully conducted a pilot project to validate the feasibility of toll collection using GNSS technology. The Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF) Pilot Project demonstrated a free flow detection system capable of toll classification and traffic monitoring on highways in India while maintaining normal traffic flow.  

Based on the approval from Indian Highways Management Company Limited (IHMCL), SkyToll conducted technology testing within a short period of several weeks. The successful trial demonstrated and evaluated the performance of integrated GNSS technology at speeds that ensure free-flowing traffic. Additionally, a user acceptance test was conducted within the existing NETC payment ecosystem to showcase various payment methods such as UPI, credit card, and bank card as alternatives for toll payments.

In coordination with the Indian Highways Management Company Limited, SkyToll and its partners conducted the pilot on the Rohtak – Hisar section of the National Highway 10. During the pilot, the integration of GNSS software with the existing FASTag payment ecosystems was tested and found to be working correctly according to IHMCL.

“I am proud of the entire team involved in the test. In a very short time, we have proven the functionality of a technology that can significantly improve traffic flow on tolled road infrastructure in India. Replacing traditional toll plazas with modern technology might not only enhance travel comfort but also contribute to increased road safety in India,” said Peter Polakovič, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer at SkyToll.

During the execution of the pilot, SkyToll collaborated with Tecsidel India (toll charger), Kotak Mahindra Bank (acquirer and issuer bank), and the NPCI team (retail payments and settlement processor) for the test. The necessary on-board unit was provided by Arya OMNITALK & Wheels Eye.

India is a market with enormous potential. SkyToll’s proven and reliable solution can help address a number of challenges that local transport infrastructure managers face in toll collection. That is why SkyToll decided to open a separate branch, SKYTOLL PRIVATE LIMITED, in Mumbai. It is headed by Dushyant Deshpande, an experienced professional and entrepreneur with a deep understanding of the Indian market.

“As India gears up for the rollout of GNSS-based ETC, Skytoll is committed to contributing to the ‘Make in India’ initiative by establishing a Centre of Excellence in India and looks forward to collaborating with institutes and industries to indigenously develop and evolve the technology, tools, and product profiles,” said Dushyant Deshpande, the director of the recently opened branch of SKYTOLL Pvt. Ltd.

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