NEWS      25. 01. 2023

The National Motorway Company of Slovakia confirmed the victory of CzechToll in the competition for the delivery of the software heart of the new toll system in Slovakia

Prague, 25 January 2023 – The company CzechToll of the ITIS Holding group received the information from the National Motorway Company of Slovakia about the resolution of comments of unsuccessful bidders in the tender procedure for “building an electronic toll system and providing technical support services”. In its bid CzechToll had undertaken to develop and deliver the information system within 13 months of signing the contract.

“CzechToll placed the lowest bid in the open competition. Our bid was evaluated as the best in the evaluation of qualitative parameters. After settling the comments of the unsuccessful bidders, we are now ready to supply Slovakia with an advanced information system that will enable the Ministry of Transport and the National Motorway Company to implement strategic changes in the area of charging for freight transport,” said Petr Chv├ítal, CzechToll CEO.

CzechToll offered the delivery of the key information system and five years of technological support as part of an open competition at a price of 13.8 million Euros excluding VAT. Among the subcontractors, CzechToll also declared the Slovak company SkyToll and the Czech company TollNet – both were be a part of the Czech ITIS Holding as of August 2022, just like CzechToll itself. In financial terms, SkyToll’s deliveries in the field of project management will reach approximately 12 percent of the total volume of the performance.

CzechToll has operated a highly efficient electronic toll system in the Czech Republic for over 3 years already. For the year 2022, it collected the amount of 14.85 billion Czech crowns through the system, while the total costs of operation and system innovation were below the seven percent threshold. Today, the electronic toll system in the Czech Republic is one of the most effective of its kind in a global comparison thanks to the appropriately set parameters.

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