NEWS      01. 09. 2023

Renáta Kellnerová and her family become PPF Group’s 100% owners

Renáta Kellnerová and her family, Anna Kellnerová, Lara Kellnerová, Maria Kellnerová, and Petr Kellner Jr., through their 100% owned company have acquired the shares in PPF Group that were previously held by Ladislav Bartoníček (0.535%) and Jean-Pascal Duvieusart (0.535%), to become the 100% owners of PPF Group.

“Our minority stakes had their logic in the structure of PPF Group as founded and managed by Petr Kellner. Today, when the shareholding structure is divided among Petr’s heirs, the logic of PPF’s management also changed, which is why we both decided, in agreement with Renáta Kellnerová, to sell our shares and simplify the shareholding structure,” said Ladislav Bartoníček and J.-P Duvieusart.

In addition to pursuing their own business activities, both remain active within PPF Group: Ladislav Bartoníček as Chairman of the Board of Directors of SOTIO Biotech B.V., and J.-P. Duvieusart as Chairman of the Board of Directors of PPF Financial Holdings.

“On behalf of our entire family, I would like to thank Láďa Bartoníček, who together with Petr was at the very beginning of PPF and played a key role in the successful transformation of Česká pojišt’ovna (Czech Insurance Company). It was undoubtedly one of the breakthrough transactions for PPF, which propelled it into the ranks of investment groups with a global footprint. My thanks also go to J.-P. Duvieusart, who brought global reach to PPF and was instrumental in its expansion into Asian markets. Both gentlemen have contributed significantly to the stability of PPF after my husband’s passing two years ago,” said Renáta Kellnerová.

Ladislav Bartoníček joined PPF in 1991 and has been a shareholder since the 1990s. He managed a number of projects within the Group. From 1996 to 2006, he was CEO of Česká pojišt’ovna, and then until 2013 he was CEO of Generali PPF Holding N.V. (GPH). From March 2014 to February 2018, he was CEO of the biotechnology company SOTIO a.s., and from 2018 to 2022 he was responsible for the strategic management of PPF’s investments in telecommunications, media, and biotechnology. Following the tragic death of Petr Kellner in March 2021, he held the role of CEO of PPF Group N.V. until June 2022.

J.-P. Duvieusart has been a shareholder of PPF Group N.V. since 2010. At PPF Group, he was mainly responsible for investments in Russia and in Real Estate. He is Executive Chairman of the Board of Home Credit Group, where he was CEO from 2020 to 2022. Since June 2021, he has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of PPF Financial Holdings a.s.

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